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Hi, my name is Jordan. eighteen. i like driving away from the world, especially with country music. I can binge watch any series with zero remorse. dream job would be to work as a disney princess. my weakness is cinnamon hearts, candy canes and pumpkin carving.
Hi, my name is Cassia. I'm nothing special but I like waffles, the colour blue and pretty much every movie. I like cuddling under blankets and any-time-of-day phone calls and dorky green vans. And my boyfriend too, he's alright :)

People to Avoid


1. People who use others, and are only interested in what they can get out of them

2. Whiners and complainers; people with a victim mentality who are always throwing a pity party

3. Those who are totally in love with themselves, and are always going on about how wonderful they are

4. People who are critical and mean-minded

5. Habitual liars; anyone who is dishonest

6. The know it all

7. The total lazybones

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the year is 2053. a girl lays on her bed wearing vintage ugg boots. ‘I was born in the wrong generation’ she sighs as she listens to taylor swift and cries over a one direction poster.

some kids are actually gonna be like this you do realize that

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